Bitcoin Tumbler services

BTC, although considered anonymous, retains a digital trail that shows to whom and where the coins were transferred, and on this trail anyone can find you if they wish.

Therefore, when you buy bitcoins and send them to other wallets, these transactions are not anonymous and completely transparent.

Therefore, anyone can find out who purchases bitcoins and to which account the coins are sent. This is where the services of the bitcoin mixers we are talking about can come in handy.

Рейтинг биткоин миксеров

Bitcoin mixers, also referred to as “laundries” or “washing”, are platforms used to remove traces of any transaction.

So let's try to figure out "what is a bitcoin toggle switch and what is it for?"

It has long been known that bitcoins are very easy to track. In addition to the fact that almost all exchanges now require proof of identity, every Bitcoin transaction is recorded on the blockchain, which is not anonymous and is kept in the public domain. Therefore, when you buy bitcoins and send them to other addresses and wallets, these transactions are visible to everyone and absolutely transparent.

Therefore, any user can find out the identity of the buyer of the coins, and where they are transferred. An illustrative example is the leak of an informative report in which US law enforcement agencies and the NSA tried to track cryptocurrency users by analyzing transactions.

The search for illegal cryptocurrency transactions can be done not only by the authorities. There are also exchange platforms that aim to track transactions from gambling sites and Darknet markets. They do not accept funds from gambling sites for reasons known only to them. It can be assumed that the reason is that gambling sites are known as money laundering centers, where part of the proceeds is transferred from the “dark network”.


How it works: has its own Bitcoin reserve, which can be represented as a chain of bitcoins. When you send your funds to the Blender io, the resource sends your coins to the end of the chain and sends you new coins from the beginning of the chain that have nothing to do with the old coins. Therefore, there can be no connection between credited and withdrawn coins. In the blockchain, it is possible to track only coins that go from your wallet to the Blender io address, but no further.

Blender io does not require you to register or provide any information other than a “receiving address”! No registration or personal information is required other than the “receiving address”.

Time delays can be set manually. You can install 24 times in one day. Other servers do not have such a wide range of latencies.

Blender io allows you to set 8 withdrawal addresses with an additional commission of 0.00008 BTC per address.


Anonymix io ​​is a btc shuffle service that can hide your traces in the cryptocurrency world.

Anonymix currently has a minimum withdrawal level of 0.03500000 BTC, so users are advised to transfer more than 0.03500000 BTC plus commission, otherwise they will not be able to withdraw funds.

The client is provided with 5 exit addresses.

If for some reason, even after a delay of two hours, the user's balance is not updated, then the user can notify the administrator to take action.

For customers who have been inactive for several days, after visiting the resource, it can take up to 15 minutes before you see outstanding deposits.

Logs are kept for 7 days after which they are automatically deleted.

The service runs on a specially dedicated server that is openly connected via the Internet (you don't need to do this when using the Tor browser). The Bitcoin mixer is loaded on a different machine, all suspicious activity is monitored and the website is automatically blocked whenever there is any sign that it is under attack.


SmartMix provides all the anonymity and protection that is standard for a Bitcoin mixer, as well as a variety of tools and benefits not provided by other services.

If you use a new address for withdrawal, the funds you receive back are completely separate from your previous history on the blockchain, so it is almost impossible to link the transaction history with your identity.

SmartMix commission is only 0.5% of the mix amount and another 0.0001 BTC / 0.00005 BCH for each exit address. 5 output addresses can be set.

The "no log" policy allows all mixing information to be removed as soon as it completes.

The interface is pretty clean so mixing is fast and reliable.

SmartMix has made two additional functions for its clients, unlike its colleagues:

1. Referral program. Share your anonymous referral link and earn cryptocurrency bonuses. For each mixing operation performed through your link, you receive 50% of the service fee.

2. Loyalty reward system. Use your anonymous SmartClub code for every mixing operation to receive service charge discounts. The more you mix, the more you save.


The principle of the platform is that BitMix biz collects bitcoins from all customers into a single account, mixes them, and then distributes bitcoins to users. You get the same amount (minus commission) of pure bitcoins made up of different parts of the blockchain. After that, it is not possible to establish the identity of the owner of the coins.

BitMix biz also sends you a letter of guarantee. This letter of guarantee is a confirmation of BitMix biz's commitment and that the service has generated a shipping address for you. This letter is always signed from the main bitcoin account BitMix biz (publicly available at BitMix biz).

The platform also provides a unique 12-character code to ensure that you never receive exactly your previously sent bitcoins back. Save this code it will be useful for your referral program.

BitMix biz offers its clients an affiliate program and pays for invited users, you get rewards after the first transaction made by your partner.

BitMix biz's strict privacy policy is proven by several points:

No registration or provision of personal data.

Transaction history is deleted after two days. The randomization function complicates the analysis of the blockchain several times. Tor browser support.

Mixer Money

How it works: you deposit the whole amount of the resource account and the Mixer Money system breaks it down into small amounts and distributes them to different wallets, mixing them with small parts of other people or with bitcoins in reserve at the platform, you also get them in small parts to your wallet already cleared. This procedure makes it very difficult to analyze the blockchain.

Service features:

The main difference between this resource is that it has 2 different blending modes.

Automatic cleaning, carried out after two days.

In one of the modes, pure BTC is received through foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. Uses guarantees with PGP signatures. The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC, the maximum deposit is up to 50 BTC.

The mixing procedure takes up to 6 hours. Note that there are services that offer to wait 1-2 days.

This resource does not require registration. All logs will be deleted immediately after cleaning, unused orders - after 5 days.

Data is being encrypted. At the time of writing, Mixer Money is one of the best BTC mixing services out there. We definitely recommend it.

Bitcoin Laundry

Bitcoin Laundry works by severing the link between your past and present addresses. Since the mixer will destroy any connection between them, your traces of transactions and your identity are untraceable.

The main advantage is the low commission. Bitcoin Laundry is a donation service. They do not charge any service fees, only a transaction fee of 0.0002 BTC per exit address, with a minimum and maximum mixing limit of 0.0005 to 38 BTC.

You can set 5 addresses and specify what percentage of the total amount will be returned to each address.

You can select predefined or random payment delays for each address, making it even more difficult to track the transaction.

A platform with a strict "no log" policy after a 7-day retention period, and also allows customers to manually delete logs in just one click if they wish.


This is a reliable service that helps hide the traces of your cryptocurrency transactions by mixing them with other coin transfer operations.

The process takes only a couple of minutes. It is enough to choose one of the three supported cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash), enter the withdrawal address, set the transaction delay for any time up to 72 hours, transfer the coins to the specified address and wait for their delivery to the destination.

This site is unlike other three cleaning pools. You can mix the client's coins: with the credited bitcoins of other clients, the service's private reserves and investor funds.

No registration is required for this mixer.

The cleaning fee is very reasonable and is charged from the mining fee, which is very convenient.

The referral program of the service is the most profitable, during the first mixing operation you will be sent a smart code that will be required to receive a discount on the commission, this discount can reach - 70%.

Each transaction is supported by a letter of guarantee. All data about it is deleted in a day, ensuring complete confidentiality of the client.

Bitcoin Fog

Bitcoin Fog is a coin mixing service that can hide your traces of past transactions.

Currently, Bitcoin Fog has a minimum withdrawal threshold of 0.03500000 BTC, so clients are advised to transfer more than the entry threshold plus commission, otherwise they will not be able to withdraw funds.

The client is prompted to set 5 exit addresses.

If for some reason, even after a delay of two hours, the user's balance is not updated, then the user can contact support to take action.

For customers who have been inactive for several days, after visiting the resource, it can take up to 15 minutes before you see outstanding deposits.

Logs are stored for 7 days after which they are automatically deleted.

The service runs on a specially dedicated server that is openly connected via the Internet (you don't need to do this when using the Tor browser). The Bitcoin mixer is loaded on a different machine, all suspicious activity is monitored and the website is automatically shut down on any signal that it is under attack.


How it works: unlike other mixers, this platform cleans up the bitcoin coins they bought on cryptocurrency exchanges. MixTum io checks the purchased coins using a scoring system with innovative algorithms and the use of technologies such as blockchain volume analysis, cluster analysis, pollution analysis, etc. After that, you will receive your BTC back, divided into random parts, and even sent in different addresses, if necessary.

The mixing process takes about 6 hours. The resource does not require any personal data and does not store a history of transactions.

After each transaction, a letter of guarantee is sent, and information about it is deleted after 24 hours, ensuring complete confidentiality. The service also provides round-the-clock technical support.

MixTum io receives a flat commission of 5% of the transaction, as well as a network fee of 0.00015 BTC. The site has two versions - for regular browsers and Tor.


Cryptomixer Bitcoin mixer is the only one with really high transaction volumes.

The minimum size for mixing operations is 0.001 BTC, any amount below this level is considered a donation and is not sent back to the client, there is no maximum transfer threshold.

The minimum commission is 0.5% with an additional fee of 0.0005 BTC for each incoming transaction.

During the mixing operation, you will receive a letter of guarantee, as in all previously mentioned bitcoin mixers.

Grams Helix

Grams Helix is ​​used primarily by the dark web and is one of the most popular Bitcoin toggle switches.

This resource uses new technology, it does not just clean your funds, you get completely new coins that have never been in the "dark web".

The entire mixing process takes only about 4 hours. To use the Helix mixer in the basic version of Grams, you need to register, in the Helix Light and Helix Market versions this is not required. If you still decide to use the Grams version, you will need to pay an entrance fee of 0.01 BTC.

Helix has an additional option (Auto-Helix) that allows you to specify which addresses your BTC will be mixed with when it is credited to your account. Helix also enforces a "no log" policy, all logs are cleared automatically after 7 days or by the client immediately after the output is complete.

Helix has its own server, not connected to Grams. A number of custom Bitcoin programs that he uses are located on a server completely separate from Helix and Grams. Even if Grams is attacked or compromised, Helix will not be affected.


This site can be used not only as a bitcon mixer, but also as a swap, that is, you can mix your funds and change the cryptocurrency to another when withdrawing, which further increases your privacy.

As a Bitcoin mixer, this service allows you to set a custom commission: the higher the commission, the better your anonymity. There is also a time delay option that increases the level of protection by delaying the transaction for an entire day.

The service has a large supply of coins, therefore, your transactions are made very quickly, as soon as confirmation of the transfer of funds comes, unless you manually set time delays.

Minimum deposit 0.01 BTC per transaction. An amount less than the minimum limit is also accepted, but is considered a “donation” and is not returned to PrivCoin io clients.

The resource does not keep logs, deleting information about operations in a day.

Bitcoin Blender

BitBlender will be robust and easy to use. It has been around for a few years now and is probably one of the most popular mixers on the dark web.

BitBlender charges a commission randomly of 1-3%, plus it provides sending coins to 10 different addresses for better privacy. Randomization makes output amounts unpredictable, again increasing anonymity.

BitBlender provides registration to use the full suite of tools, but if you don't want to create an account, this mixer offers a “quick blend” mode.

When using Quick Blend, you will be sent a code that defines each individual operation to ensure that you do not get previously sent coins back.

BitBlender provides two additional tools. Automatic withdrawal of funds (Auto-Withdrawal) and - quick withdrawal of funds (Quick-Withdraw). Auto-Withdrawal will save you a lot of time if you have to constantly mix coins.

Quick Mix is ​​useful for the casual user who doesn't want to register.

BTC Blender

BTC Blender makes mixing bitcoin very easy and user-friendly.

This resource requires one transaction confirmation, after which it sends new clean bitcoins to the specified wallet. Users also have the ability to set a delay for their transactions.

This is an offshore company, and its servers are also located offshore. This provides customers with additional peace of mind and confidence that their data is strictly confidential. In addition, once the transaction is confirmed, customers are sent a unique “delete logs” link, giving users the option to manually clear their transaction traces.

BTC Blender charges a modest 0.5% commission. This makes BTC Blender ideal for clients mixing large amounts of bitcoin.


We hope our review helped you choose the most convenient and reliable Bitcoin mixer. Do not neglect the opportunity to increase the level of personal privacy and let these services provide it to the maximum extent, no matter what your goals may be.